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Below are some books and web pages that I have found useful and I’m not on any commission from any of these so these are simply my recommendations

Books first

Older Yet Faster  by Keith Bateman and Heidi Jones – this book is all about running style. Lots of people tell you to stand tall land your foot under your centre of mass etc… but this book is really good at guiding you through the process of improving your running style to be more efficient helping you run faster for longer.

The Art of Running Faster by Julian Goater – I found this book really easy to read and informative about the different things I could do to improve my running. It covers style, stretching, training amongst other things and is sprinkled with anecdotes from the running world of the late seventies early eighties.

Sports Nutrition by Anita Bean – nutrition plays a key role in preparing the body prior to training or racing as well as post run recovery and this book explains all you need to know.

For web pages I tend to use the following This is my go to site for running gear be it shoes, tops, whatever, I’ve always found the service and prices to be good. There are plenty of others out there but I haven’t used them. I only ever buy items that are on sale! my preferred provider of sports specific nutrition, mostly gels, isotonic powders and recovery shakes (recent addition for me). These work for me but I know others prefer different makes like High 5, you just need to try them out and find which ones work for you. Again with SIS I always wait for the regular sales rather than paying full wack! the running communities favourite run logging site is a great not just for keeping a log of your runs but also finding routes, checking out routes for races you plan to do and if you’re a wee bit competitive like me then the “segment” feature (my personal favourite) is great for checking performance and snagging some personal milestones. is a website and app you can use to log your food and check if you’re getting the right balance of nutrients – not just the big 3 but also your daily vitamins and minerals. I discovered this site when I joined my local running club and became registered with England Athletics. It’s good source for finding races but more importantly for me I can see how my performance is improving (or not) with each race / parkrun I do.


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