Sometimes it’s better to walk before you run

Have you ever been told to “walk before you run”? I know I have!

It’s an often used expression when we’re learning new skills and maybe trying to do more than we should in our enthusiasm to be better. I believe it can literally be applied to our running in a couple of ways and I am currently using one of those ways after my ankle injury reoccured last month.

If you’ve been following my blog you will know that I have been suffering with sore ankles, most likely due to transitioning to zero drop running shoes too quickly. A couple of times I thought they were getting better only for me to suffer a relapse. Just as I thought I was on the road to recovery last month, they went again, so I’ve stopped running altogether and I am walking instead. I figured that if I can’t walk without soreness / pain then there’s no way I should be running.

This past week has been interesting as I’ve been brisk walking (9-10min/km pace) each day to see how my ankles feel. The first walk I did was 40 minutes and my ankles felt sore toward the end of the walk so the next day I dropped the time to 30 minutes and all was ok. A week later and I’m back up to 40 minutes with no soreness – progress!

My plan is to stick to the walking until I can manage 60 minutes with no soreness. I will then introduce some gentle running into my walks, ie walk for 10 minutes, then run/walk for 2minutes each and see how that feels, stopping the running at the first sign of any soreness. Then gradually build up the running times and reducing the walking until I can run at an easy pace comfortably for 30-45 minutes before attempting any serious hill/speed work – that’s the plan but I know my patience will be tested!

For now, Missy and Sheldon (pictured above) are very happy as they are getting more walks than usual!




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