Day 1 HM training – Epic Fail!

Time for a general update on progress as my HM training starts this week, I’m one week into the new nutrition regime, it’s 4 weeks since completing my LiRF and 10 weeks since I began changing running style.

Let’s start with the HM training. Monday was day 1 of a 12 week plan and following on from racing the day before, the plan was for an easy 30-45 minute recovery run with the club.

Great Negative Splits – What Happened to Easy!

Simple enough you would think, but no! Ian planned an out and back negative split session and despite reading a great post by Ian himself (you can read it here) about not letting your ego take over, I just couldn’t resist doing the return leg 90 seconds faster than planned turning an easy run into a bit of a speed session. Now you gotta like the negative splits, they are pretty good but it wasn’t what I planned and I was really pleased (lucky) to find my legs feeling ok when I got up this morning.

The positive news, for me, following Sunday’s race and Monday’s session is that the legs are feeling better and I feel my fitness is coming back, so I’ve gone from being a bit despondent about my running a few weeks ago to feeling quite positive. The new running style is becoming more second nature and I feel faster and lighter on my feet. I saw some videos yesterday by Keith, the author of Older Yet Faster, and they were also encouraging as I could see I have been on the right lines with my adoption of the new running style.

One week into the new nutrition regime so too early to talk about any performance img_9521.jpg
changes, however I have found it a real challenge to up my protein intake to an appropriate level – more tuna, steak and chicken for me! That said I have managed to bring the carb level down to 41% in the first week, so still a bit to do but progress. The two most significant changes I’ve had to make (excluding cutting out crisps and chocolate) has been swopping out some cereal based breakfasts for eggs and also reducing my fruit intake especially bananas, so it was bacon, eggs and beans for breakfast this morning, liking the diet!

Last but by no means least an update on coaching. I’ve taken a few sessions now which I’ve really enjoyed, it’s been great fun to run at a more relaxed pace chatting with some of the club members and discussing different aspects of running and last week I took a hill session as my first “solo” session. It was a good sized group of around 20 people and we did a club favourite we call Asda Hills (yep you guessed it’s a hill near Asda!). It’s a short sharp hill around 150m of hard effort followed by a slow recovery jog back down to the bottom, then repeat for 20 minutes. Before I joined Radcliffe AC I had never done any focussed hill sessions, but they are a really good session to have in your training plan, I definitely think I’ve benefited from doing them this past year.

That’s it for now feel free to message me with any questions.



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