Xero Prio Running Shoe Review

Having run my first race in the Xero Prio yesterday as well as covering 200km in training I thought it was time to post a review on these shoes.

First a few words on running shoes – there are literally hundreds of different running shoes to choose from and it can be mind boggling to know where to start. If you’ve been running a while and the shoes you have “work” for you then follow the old adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and stick with what you have. If you’re new to running or you feel you need a different type of shoe then I strongly recommend visiting a running shoe store that has a treadmill, you can try different ones to find a pair that feel really comfortable for you when you run in them.

Ok back to the Xeros. I bought these as they were recommended by the authors of Older Yet Faster, the book that has inspired me to adjust my running style aged 55. They are essentially a “barefoot” style of running shoe with a zero drop from toe to heel and minimal cushioning (5-7mm) when compared with many modern running shoes, so they are definitely not for everyone.

Out of the box, they appear well made, light and reasonably stylish (you want to look good). I am normally a UK9 and the ones I bought were also UK9 and fit perfectly for me. They are quite wide at the front to allow the toes room to move and this suits me fine. In the first few weeks of using them I felt a little rubbing on the outside of my feet, but I adjusted the lacing system to tighten the fit and they have been fine ever since.

The shoes have a very natural feel to them, they are much lighter than the New Balance they replaced and feel very comfortable as I have adjusted my running style. The only downside to the minimal cushioning is that when you get “off road” they don’t give a lot of protection from random small stones/sharp objects that may be in your path.

The fit is not as snug as say a racing shoe might be but as an everyday, zero drop, minimal cushioning training shoe they are excellent and as an added bonus they come with a 5000 mile sole warranty! I’ve a way to go before I test out that feature.

Ultimately the acid test is would I buy another pair, and the answer is an unreserved yes.


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