It’s all about those carbs ’bout those carbs or is it?

What should I eat before a race? What about before a training run? What should I take during the race? Nutrition can sometimes feel like a real minefield especially if you add into the mix any personal dietary constraints you might have.

From my early days of running I came up with the balance of trying to aim for 60% carb, 20% fat and 20% protein with my love of chocolate usually making it difficult to keep the fat levels anywhere near 20%! I’ve been reading around this subject a little bit recently and have come across a few articles/books that suggest a more equal balance is a better mix for us longer distance ie 5k to marathon runners so instead of giving up chocolate for Lent this year I’m going to attempt to bring down my carb % to less than 40% from its current levels of around 55-60%. I will then see if my body adapts, as the articles suggest it will, to become more efficient at burning fat when I’m running thus allowing me to run faster for longer – we shall see.

I’ve enlisted the help of a useful App called Cronometer (basic version is free) which not only enables me to keep an eye on the balance of the big 3 but also on my overall nutritional balance of useful vitamins and minerals.

I will keep you posted of my progress over the coming weeks/months, I have a half marathon planned for May so that will be a good test for me as last year I felt that I completely ran out of gas at 10 miles and had to really grind out the last 3 to the finish, so lets see if I can negative split the last three this year and beat last years time!

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